This is me

This is me


What do you need to know about me? I have many loves, many struggles, and many dreams… I’m just an imperfect woman doing my best to love God, others, and myself, and needing to write about it, thus this blog…

My many loves: my husband, my 3 year old daughter, my family, my friends, my two Schnoodles, Jesus, the Church, Pearl Jam, the Avett Brothers, working in Human Resources, being an advocate for people with Trichotillomania/BFRBs, discussing faith and politics, collecting (and reading) books, and writing...

My many struggles: trichotillomania, infertility (my daughter is a damn miracle), anxiety/fear, IBS/food issues, having much too high expectations of myself…

My many dreams: going to seminary, becoming a certified career coach, writing a book, finally reading all the books I own, raising a compassionate, confident daughter without crushing her spirit, adopting a child, doing the whole teaching/writing/speaking gig, living a life of purpose and meaning, health and joy…

I want to know what makes people tick, angry, passionate, and full of joy. I want to explore why people agree and disagree, and how we can come together on some common ground. I believe every human being has value, and that includes the right to not only speak their mind but the right to be heard.  We may not always agree, but the least we can do is listen with open ears. We might just learn something. 

I’m an imperfect person with strong opinions; however, I have a tendency to play "devil's advocate" and try to make people think about what it is like in someone else's shoes. In the end I really just have a huge desire to teach people about God’s love. It’s a struggle sometimes to reconcile these things, believe me I know, but I’m trying hard every day to humbly follow Jesus and to become a servant, so I can share His love with anyone who will let me.

I have struggled in my life with many things (see above) but I have seen first hand how God can use the sucky things in life for a greater purpose. I am passionate about helping people learn about their unique worth and value in God, specifically how it is determined by His love and grace, certainly not by our appearances, abilities, behaviors, illnesses, backgrounds, or general differences.

My desire is that this blog is a platform to let others know that they have value in Christ, even if they have to wear bandanas and wigs to hide bald spots… even if they can’t get pregnant or carry a pregnancy to term… even if they have different political views than people in their church... or don't go to church at all!  God created each of us with love and care, and God's way of determining value is different than how society determines value. Through telling our stories, we can explore our true worth in the eyes of God, together.

Not much else to say except I hope you will engage with me. 

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Please note: this blog and all my social media posts represent my own personal thoughts and opinions, and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer (any past, present or future).