"In His Name, I am Not Ashamed"

“…Then you will know that I am the LORD; those who wait for me shall not be put to shame.” Isaiah 49:23 (ESV)

I was ashamed of

who I was

Scared and paranoid.

I was ashamed of

how I looked

Crooked and misaligned.

I was ashamed of

how I felt

Angry and self-righteous.

I was ashamed of

how I behaved

Shut-off, yet trying too hard.

I was ashamed of

what I said

Never realizing people were actually listening.

I was ashamed.

Then I met my Creator

Who showed me

He made


For a specific purpose.

Jesus told me He wanted me to be His child

And to show love

…His love

… to the entire world.

In His Name

I’m no longer ashamed.

He loves me

So I can love

myself and others.

He forgives me

So I can forgive

myself and others.

He comforts me

Taking on my burdens as His own

Providing me hope

It won’t always be this hard.

He encourages me

Blessing me with gifts

To help others

To be His hands and His feet.

He shed His blood for me

He died for me

So I do not have to be ashamed

So I can truly live.

Even though I failed myself

God has made me His success.

It’s not about being right, or being better

It’s about our relationship

Who do I belong to?

Who do I depend on?

Who gets all the glory?

In His Name, I am brave

In His Name, I have peace

In His Name, I am beautiful

In His Name, I have compassion

In His Name, I can step back and say no

In His Name, I can find the right words

In His Name, I am forgiven

In His Name, I am not ashamed.