My talking point

Sometimes I read things my conservative family and friends write, and I cringe... Then I'll I read things my liberal family and friends write, and I cringe...

I don't like to call myself a moderate, because I don't think that exists (there aren’t only three political views in this country). But I do think I am learning to not be so effected by politics and instead just go with my gut on things, despite what some people might think of me.  I will not fit into a perfect little box.

Sure I may be liberal on many issues, but there's a lot of stuff some liberals do I just don't agree with.

And I certainly may despise a lot of conservative talking points, but there are a few things they stand for that I too stand for.

However, I believe both the left and the right often communicate their views in ways that are polarizing and alienating, and ineffective in creating real and lasting change.

I guess the real question I’m posing is: When are we going to start thinking for ourselves, and stop believing every talking point someone on "our side" has to say? Critical thinking, let's bring it back!

  • Labeling, let’s end it
  • Don’t believe everything you see or read, check your sources
  • Do your homework (watch more than just Fox News or MSNBC or the Daily Show)
  • Have civil dialogue with people who disagree with your ideology
  • Better yet, build relationships with people on the "other side"
  • Come up with your own conclusions

In the end, I believe we need to accept people as the individual person they are and not the political ideology we think they represent based on one or two issues, or a few polarizing Facebook posts.