Lend Me Your Voice this Mother's Day

This Mother's Day I want to put together a post which honors those women who have suffered in their struggles to become mothers, who have lost their mothers, who have lost their children, and who have never known their mothers. 

Mother walk in park.jpg

For anyone who is like me and finds Mother's Day bittersweet or just bitter, and struggles to find joy on a day which is supposed to be the most joyful day of the year for so many women, I would like to give you a moment to voice your heart.  

Send me a private message through Facebook, Twitter, or use my blog contact page and include a thought, story, poem, quote or whatever you want to share. Let me know if you want me to include your name or post your submission anonymously. Please note I may not include everything sent to me or reserve the right to edit content (mostly grammar and using sections instead of the entire submission).

Feel free to share this with friends too who are looking to tell their story. Men are also encouraged to contact me, as women are not the only ones struggling on Mother's Day. I know it is short notice (I will post on Sunday) but a few voices is better than none.