Baby Fever

So I’ve had baby fever for a while now… about 8 or 9 years? But seriously, the past month or two it’s been coming back with a fierce vengeance as we contemplate the very real possibility of adopting a newborn, and taking baby-steps to reach our goal (pun intended).

We recently made our first baby-related purchase since Rich bought his Geek Dad book prior to my miscarriage last summer. A friend from church was selling a car seat for a very reasonable cost, for 30% less than what it goes for on Amazon. I saw it and remembered what they said at a few adoption sessions we attended: “all you need to take a baby home from the hospital is a car seat.” I figured that spending the money and finally having a car seat meant a baby would eventually have to be in our home to fill the empty space inside of it.

Rich was a little skeptical of the purchase at first, but humored me as I wrote the check out by saying, “do whatever you want.”  However, a few days later Rich came to me a and said he looked at the empty car seat just sitting there in our second bedroom and realized there may actually be a baby in that car seat within 9-18 months (if we’re lucky!). He gave me that beautiful, hopeful “this thing called parenthood might actually happen” smile. That made the preemptive purchase completely worth it!

This evening, I posted a video on Facebook of an adorable two-month old who only stopped crying at the sound of the song “Black” by Pearl Jam. I jokingly wrote the video, “shows the REAL reason we want children... so we can play Pearl Jam to sooth them and know there has been a higher purpose all along for why we've been obsessed with this band for the past 19 years!”

But overanalyzing the statement, like I do with everything I write, I realized there is truth in there, not necessarily proving that our tastes mattered over the years, but being able to share the things that bring us joy with another person. Granted, I know any child we raise will develop his/her own interests and passions, but parents do influence children. I can imagine how amazing it will feel to introduce our child to music we enjoy and watch our child enjoy it as well. That is something that would sincerely fill my heart with joy. I suppose that is why I posted the video of the baby who was soothed by Eddie Vedder’s voice. It was proof that it might actually happen, that we may one day have a connection with our child - any connection really. Whether it's a love for music or something else, whatever it is, I cannot wait!

Now isn’t that what parenthood is all about, connecting with another human being, influencing their life while also seeing them develop into their own individual person, and enjoying the intersection of the two as you love them unconditionally? I am hoping and praying every day that Rich and I are blessed enough to have that opportunity.

If you are a parent, what was your dream regarding connecting with your child before they were born? Then in what ways did you actually connect with your child as they grew up?