August 1

Photo by Rich Marshall

Photo by Rich Marshall

Last August 1 was different

Demeanor was defeated
Hope was denied
Pain was double-sided
Future was put on hold

To push it all down
To ignore the truth
To just be holding on
To wish it all away

My child, my child, my child

Later on, she said I had lost a child
I can’t even say the words

Born into my heart years ago
Never to be seen
Never to be heard

So tiny
Will I see my baby in heaven?

As I wait, I prepare
For a new life
A new hope

Just around the corner
I want to sneak a look
God’s curtain is closed
Now waiting for the big reveal

I still have a part to play in this story

Just like before


But this time it’s different.

She has to say yes to life… and no to parenting…
Losing a future with her child so I can have mine restored…

And my heart is breaking all over again…

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