August 1

A poem detailing the anniversary of the loss of my one and only pregnancy... I've come a long way in the past 12 months, but the road to parenthood is not over for my husband and I. We're just beginning to travel by way a new fork in the road and hope continues to guide us.

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Don't Listen to the Liars

So much to do... so much to learn... so much to look forward to... So much to be thankful for...

Yet doubt still creeps in and can quickly turn into depression. Usually it lasts a day then subsides but I'm well aware it could be worse.

I must surround myself with positive, affirming people, go to places that bring me peace, buy things with purpose, and watch/listen to things that encourage and lift me up. I must move forward with humble confidence. I must put others before myself, yet remember to take care of my basic needs.

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Meeting Neighbors to Love Neighbors

I’m terrified. And I can unequivocally speak for my husband as well and say he is terrified.

We’ve lived in the same neighborhood for over six years and have only talked to our neighbors twice and each interaction lasted about 10 seconds. 

Our first interaction occurred when we were moving in. The sweet elderly lady across the street offered to let our guests use her driveway.  We smiled and said thank you but did not take her up on her generosity. And we never spoke again.

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The Hope of Summer

I love summer more than I usually let on.  I used to complain about the heat and the bees, but each summer that passes I realize it’s actually a time for renewal. This time of year for Rich and I has become a combination of busyness and rest. Friends and family, vacation and trips, and this year is no different!

But in the past few years, summer has also coincided with pinnacle moments in our family-building journey. 

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The Tension of a Witness

I am biased.

As objective as my Libra brain wants to be, and attempts to be on many occasions (often to the point of playing Devil’s Advocate just for the sake of it), I have strong opinions on certain things.

When those opinions are challenged, it can feel very… well, uncomfortable.

This recently happened when I had a visceral reaction to the use of the word “witness.” Not the “witness” from Harrison Ford filmography, or Law and Order procedurals, but 
“witness” from a Christian.

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A Reactionary Tale... of Joy

True joy comes from our attitude and how we are affected by the situations that surround us, both those within our control, but especially those beyond our control. 

Are you reactive or proactive?

Are you pessimistic or optimistic?

Do you believe in karma or grace?  

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