Meeting Neighbors to Love Neighbors

I’m terrified. And I can unequivocally speak for my husband as well and say he is terrified.

We’ve lived in the same neighborhood for over six years and have only talked to our neighbors twice and each interaction lasted about 10 seconds. 

Our first interaction occurred when we were moving in. The sweet elderly lady across the street offered to let our guests use her driveway.  We smiled and said thank you but did not take her up on her generosity. And we never spoke again.

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I don't care if this seems naive...

It’s amazing the inspiration you get when casually walking down the hall at work. On Wednesday this past week I was making the same trek I do about 10 times a day, and for some reason I just happened to notice two co-workers over on the side of the room talking. There was something about the way they were speaking to one another; they weren’t particularly joyful or exuberant, but they were holding themselves in comfortable confidence, which made me think of how much I enjoyed working with them. 

Then my brain did what it always does, and began connecting dots that normally don’t seem like they should connect.  I thought about how there’s no one that I work with that I dislike.  Sure, there are people I’m closer with than others, and people who I have more in common with or feel more comfortable talking to… but in the end I work with a group of really good people. When I say “good,” I mean they have good hearts and good intentions...

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It's OK to Not be OK

A very close and dear friend told me while I was in the midst of a breakdown last summer, “It’s ok to not be ok.”  Since then I have told her more than once how much those words have impacted me. I also had the humble privilege of relaying her advice back to her when she was having a rough time.

Often, Christians feel they have to have all their crap together, and if they don’t then they have to put on this perfect face that everything in life is peachy keen (do people even use that term anymore).  People who feel this way are fooling themselves. Just because you are a Christian doesn’t mean you’re never going to struggle in your life, or that people should expect you to be perfect. What it does mean is that you now are actively engaged in this relationship with a God who loves you, and He is there for you anytime you turn to him, time and time again, when things are up and especially when things are down.

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