The Unknown Road

I haven’t written in a very long time. Since New Years, life has sort of just been "happening." Floating along, I’ve felt unsure of what’s going to happen next. I’ve been dealing with life one day at a time. Physically I’ve not been feeling like myself, often under the weather. Emotionally I’ve been dealing with a little bit of depression. Socially I’ve felt isolated. I didn’t make it to work today so my husband told me to write… 4:30 in the afternoon and this poem is what came to me. I don’t know if it’s “good” or not, but I think it’s true to where my mind’s been lately. The journey is eternal. Life just is. Even as we set goals and hope we reach them, sometimes we’re just walking because that’s what we do. We just deal with what comes along as it comes along. And that’s ok.

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Reflections on Writing... A Book

Throughout our lives we develop habits. These habits can be positive, such as exercising regularly or praying every morning (but of course, not in a legalistic way). However, some habits can be negative, such as constantly worrying or eating junk food every day. I certainly have good and bad habits, but often we have a desire to do something but have never developed the habit.

When I met Donald Miller after the Storyline Conference in Nashville, in October, I asked him for tips on how to finish my book (which right now consists of 25 pages of random essays on my infertility journey). His advice included waking up 1-2 hours early every morning to write the book. But he was also very clear; he said, “Do not blog.”

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Justice Conference Reflections: Next Steps

This is my final post reflecting on what I learned from the Justice Conference last month. So far I have talked about the definition of biblical justice, the oppression of women, the responsibility we have to fight that injustice, and how all the amazing presenters at the Justice Conference suggest we practically engage justice.

The stories I heard and wisdom imparted were overwhelming, but I was able to develop the following list of take-aways:

  • Focus on my relationship with God through prayer and reading the Bible, making sure I continue to keep my spiritual reservoir full so everything I do is grounded in God’s word.
  • “Doing justice” is about being in relationship with people, seeing them the way Jesus sees them, not as the world labels them.  
  • Be creative and think outside the box when it comes to justice. I can live justice and love others right in my own community.
  • Understand my own spiritual gifts, passions and talents to determine how I, as the person God created me to be, can best serve others.
  • Listen to what other people in my life are saying about my gifts and compare it to what I’m hearing from God to affirm my calling.
  • Step outside my comfort zone for the good of others. Take risks when serving others. Especially when those risks mean getting to know people for who they are.
  • Maintain a holistic balance between educating myself on issues (learning), sharing my story, faith, and ideas (speaking), and serving others in love (doing).
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New Years

I used to think New Years was the dumbest holiday ever, but I'm gaining a new found respect for it. There's something intriguing and inspiring about the possibility of renewal and redemption that comes along each new year.  It's a chance to start over, to try new things, to create new goals, to realize things don't always have to be same old same old... The problem comes when we put too much pressure on ourselves to make sure we're perfect (or our idea of perfect). It's never going to happen, so be easy on yourself and celebrate the small victories, and continue to live and learn.