The Hope of Summer

I love summer more than I usually let on.  I used to complain about the heat and the bees, but each summer that passes I realize it’s actually a time for renewal. This time of year for Rich and I has become a combination of busyness and rest. Friends and family, vacation and trips, and this year is no different!

But in the past few years, summer has also coincided with pinnacle moments in our family-building journey. 

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Removing Our Masks

The following is a message I recently gave at my staff worship service (I know it sounds weird… but not so much when you work for a Christian denomination. But just for the record, these opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect my employer). Rich said I should turn it into a blog, so here you go! 

Easter is my favorite holiday. Not because of all the chocolate, although that is a plus.  Not because of the anticipation of spring, although that’s another plus… but because it’s a reminder to me about why I am here, why I was created by God, and my purpose here on earth.

To me it’s all very personal. Part of the path I feel God has put me on has to do with using my voice and telling my story so I can be a witness to God’s faithfulness. 

I’m learning it’s pretty simple. To be a witness requires we take off our masks, be ourselves, and share with others how God has moved in our lives, and then hopefully others will feel moved to do the same. Through this, we can learn to know God more.

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Revealing My Broken Heart

This may be the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to write. It's the blog I never wanted to write. I struggled with whether or not to share this publically, but I realized I couldn’t keep living my life pretending that this didn’t happen. I am who I am because of the experiences I’ve lived through, and this part of my story is still affecting me to this very day and I anticipate for years to come. When you read this I just ask that you respect what I’m saying as my personal experience. I’m not trying to speak for anyone else, just myself. So here goes – big gulp!

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