On the Eve of the End of the Fourth Trimester

Tomorrow my daughter turns three months old. Some experts call the first three months of an infant’s life the “fourth trimester.” After making her way from the comfort of my uterus, having floated around in the soft amniotic fluid, listening to the constant swoosh of my heartbeat, and getting used to the rhythmic rocking of my body walking for nine months, she made her way into some bright, loud, wide open, unknown world. Every single thing is new. It has been my responsibility, as her mother, to help her transition into this new space. I’ve learned a lot during this “fourth trimester.”

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The Blessing that is "Thank You"

Yesterday at work a co-worker quickly stuck his head in my office and said, “Thank you.” I laughed and said, “what for, I’m just sitting here.” He reiterated “just thank you.” In the back of my mind, I had an idea of what I had done to warrant his kind affirmation but he refused to clarify for my curiosity what it was. It got me thinking, though, about how we interact with the people in our life, and how we often take people, their kindness, gifts, and abilities for granted. 

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Meeting Neighbors to Love Neighbors

I’m terrified. And I can unequivocally speak for my husband as well and say he is terrified.

We’ve lived in the same neighborhood for over six years and have only talked to our neighbors twice and each interaction lasted about 10 seconds. 

Our first interaction occurred when we were moving in. The sweet elderly lady across the street offered to let our guests use her driveway.  We smiled and said thank you but did not take her up on her generosity. And we never spoke again.

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The Hope of Summer

I love summer more than I usually let on.  I used to complain about the heat and the bees, but each summer that passes I realize it’s actually a time for renewal. This time of year for Rich and I has become a combination of busyness and rest. Friends and family, vacation and trips, and this year is no different!

But in the past few years, summer has also coincided with pinnacle moments in our family-building journey. 

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Mother's Day for the Rest of Us

   Much love and big hugs    to all the mothers who have lost children... to all the woman who never had a chance to be mothers despite the constant yearning in their hearts and years of trying... to all the people who have lost their mothers... to all the people who never had a chance to know their mothers... I know how hard today will be for some of you... you are NOT forgotten!

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