I don't care if this seems naive...

It’s amazing the inspiration you get when casually walking down the hall at work. On Wednesday this past week I was making the same trek I do about 10 times a day, and for some reason I just happened to notice two co-workers over on the side of the room talking. There was something about the way they were speaking to one another; they weren’t particularly joyful or exuberant, but they were holding themselves in comfortable confidence, which made me think of how much I enjoyed working with them. 

Then my brain did what it always does, and began connecting dots that normally don’t seem like they should connect.  I thought about how there’s no one that I work with that I dislike.  Sure, there are people I’m closer with than others, and people who I have more in common with or feel more comfortable talking to… but in the end I work with a group of really good people. When I say “good,” I mean they have good hearts and good intentions...

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Jesus Christ, Eddie Vedder and Jeff Winger walk into a bar…

What do Pearl Jam, NBC’s “Community” and Jesus Christ have in common, besides the fact that I am obsessed with them? They each have loyal followings, and people willing to go to the ends of the earth (sort of…) to be part of their movements.  

Pearl Jam fans travel around the world to hear their favorite band with the hope that maybe, just maybe, they will play a rare song. 

Community fans bog down Twitter every Thursday night -Friday night for half a season- with quotes like #sixseasonsandamovie, and pleas for their family and friends to tune in.  Many also travel to Comic-Con every year with the hope that “Troy” and “Abed” will do their secret handshake.  

For 2,000 years, Christians have traveled thousands of miles to share the good news of the Gospel to anyone willing (or not willing) to listen. Now we have hundreds of millions of Christians spanning every continent.

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