When No One Shows Up

Is it just me, or have we all had that experience where you put time and effort in to an event, a get together, a meeting, even a one-on-one dinner date, or whatever it might be, and no one shows up? People may show some initial interest, ask some questions about the event, hem and haw about their availability and then in the end they don’t commit and no one shows up. It may not happen often, but sooner or later it’s bound to happen to you at least once in your life.

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Mother's Day for the Rest of Us

   Much love and big hugs    to all the mothers who have lost children... to all the woman who never had a chance to be mothers despite the constant yearning in their hearts and years of trying... to all the people who have lost their mothers... to all the people who never had a chance to know their mothers... I know how hard today will be for some of you... you are NOT forgotten!

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Removing Our Masks

The following is a message I recently gave at my staff worship service (I know it sounds weird… but not so much when you work for a Christian denomination. But just for the record, these opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect my employer). Rich said I should turn it into a blog, so here you go! 

Easter is my favorite holiday. Not because of all the chocolate, although that is a plus.  Not because of the anticipation of spring, although that’s another plus… but because it’s a reminder to me about why I am here, why I was created by God, and my purpose here on earth.

To me it’s all very personal. Part of the path I feel God has put me on has to do with using my voice and telling my story so I can be a witness to God’s faithfulness. 

I’m learning it’s pretty simple. To be a witness requires we take off our masks, be ourselves, and share with others how God has moved in our lives, and then hopefully others will feel moved to do the same. Through this, we can learn to know God more.

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Spotlight on Justice: Preemptive Love Coalition

During the Justice Conference last month, my husband Rich sat in on the pre-conference presentation by Jeremy Courtney, founder of Preemptive Love Coalition. PLC is an organization that provides lifesaving heart surgeries for children in Iraq. Rich was so moved by Courtney’s story that we decided right then and there to contribute. 

After publishing my reflections on the Justice Conference, I connected with Preemptive Love Coalition Communication Director, Matt Willingham (who Rich and I actually met briefly at the PLC booth at the conference - super nice guy!). He was kind enough to answer my questions below. It is my prayer that those reading this will consider supporting Preemptive Love Coalition and spread the word about their amazing work. The more people who get involved, the more hope there will be for the tens of thousands of children still waiting for surgeries. 

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Learning to Love Myself

Sometimes I wish I didn't need spreadsheets and checklists. I wish I could just "be." Why am I so concerned with every thought in my head being just right... with every plan being carried out meticulously?  But then I never follow through as I plan and it makes me feel like a failure.

If I only I provided myself with as much grace as Jesus already has... then I could possibly breathe a little easier and just follow Him without the baggage of constantly having to be “on.”

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