Reflections on Writing... A Book

Throughout our lives we develop habits. These habits can be positive, such as exercising regularly or praying every morning (but of course, not in a legalistic way). However, some habits can be negative, such as constantly worrying or eating junk food every day. I certainly have good and bad habits, but often we have a desire to do something but have never developed the habit.

When I met Donald Miller after the Storyline Conference in Nashville, in October, I asked him for tips on how to finish my book (which right now consists of 25 pages of random essays on my infertility journey). His advice included waking up 1-2 hours early every morning to write the book. But he was also very clear; he said, “Do not blog.”

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August 1

A poem detailing the anniversary of the loss of my one and only pregnancy... I've come a long way in the past 12 months, but the road to parenthood is not over for my husband and I. We're just beginning to travel by way a new fork in the road and hope continues to guide us.

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I miss reading.  I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 last night. It was a really good film, and as I watched it I remembered back to 2001.  I had just read the first Harry Potter book twice, once for my own pleasure, and once for my Children's Lit class at SUNY Oswego. I loved the book! I got 30 pages into the second book and never picked it up again (or any other Harry Potter book for that matter). 

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