A Reactionary Tale... of Joy

True joy comes from our attitude and how we are affected by the situations that surround us, both those within our control, but especially those beyond our control. 

Are you reactive or proactive?

Are you pessimistic or optimistic?

Do you believe in karma or grace?  

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Pentecost: A Blueprint for the Church

Today is Pentecost, the day on which Jesus’ disciples and other followers of Christ received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This day is celebrated 50 days after Easter. I have never attended a church that devoutly followed a liturgical calendar.  Most of my knowledge of Pentecost comes from reading the Bible, reading books and just talking with other Christians about it, less so from the focus of any one church. 

But this year, for some reason, I feel moved by the event of Pentecost. The events of that day marked the beginning of the Church.  All who worship in a church today, whether it’s a small home church or a mega church, are there because of Pentecost. That excites me because I have a passion for unifying the church and what better way to work towards unification than going back to the original source. 

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Mother's Day for the Rest of Us

   Much love and big hugs    to all the mothers who have lost children... to all the woman who never had a chance to be mothers despite the constant yearning in their hearts and years of trying... to all the people who have lost their mothers... to all the people who never had a chance to know their mothers... I know how hard today will be for some of you... you are NOT forgotten!

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The Church and our LGBT Brothers and Sisters (Part 1)

I'm beginning a series on the Church and our LGBT brothers and sisters. It's a three-parter. The first post will focus on the current atmosphere in the United States when it comes to equality, as well as my personal experiences that helped lead to my position on equality.​ The second post will focus on Matthew Vines' Reformation Project, a new organization working towards ending homophobia in the Church. The final post will be my thoughts on why the Church needs to rethink how it addresses the LGBT community, particularly LGBT Christians. 

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Removing Our Masks

The following is a message I recently gave at my staff worship service (I know it sounds weird… but not so much when you work for a Christian denomination. But just for the record, these opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect my employer). Rich said I should turn it into a blog, so here you go! 

Easter is my favorite holiday. Not because of all the chocolate, although that is a plus.  Not because of the anticipation of spring, although that’s another plus… but because it’s a reminder to me about why I am here, why I was created by God, and my purpose here on earth.

To me it’s all very personal. Part of the path I feel God has put me on has to do with using my voice and telling my story so I can be a witness to God’s faithfulness. 

I’m learning it’s pretty simple. To be a witness requires we take off our masks, be ourselves, and share with others how God has moved in our lives, and then hopefully others will feel moved to do the same. Through this, we can learn to know God more.

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